Hello all!

I wanted to briefly share the agenda for the Janaury 25th meeting of the Women and Tech Working Group. I think one of our goals for this blog should be transparency, which is why I want to post important structural documents on the blog.

Please comment any questions or thoughts you may have!

1) Introductions (5-10 minutes)

2) Women and Tech Working Group Blog Overview (15 minutes)

  • Review Mission statement of W&TWG
  • Purpose of the blog – visibility, connecting outside of meetings, etc.
  • Structure – 2x a week postings,  3 ways to interact with blog
  • For our group by our group members

3) Questions and Discussion – I want to use this time for feedback and input and think about these questions

  • What do we want the purpose of this blog be? Which goal of the W&TWG should it aim to accomplish?
  • Themes – What do we want to discuss on our blog?
  • How do we want to interact with the blog? Do we want it public or private?

4) Editorial Committee – is anyone interested in establishing/being a part of one?