Hi everyone! First off, thank you for everyone who joined the discussion about our blog on the 25th. For those who weren’t able to come, I wanted to post a recap of the January 25th meeting in order to further continue the conversation about the blog. In person, we had a good discussion about this blog, its purpose, and how all group members can interact with it. I wanted to use this post to summarize what we discussed, and ask you all for further feedback!

Here are some of the new changes we discussed at the meeting.

  • Revised Structure

Instead of posting twice a week, we decided it would be best to post once a week for the time being. Posting once a week, rather than twice a week, will give us more substantial content, which will hopefully encourage more discussion in the comments.

  • New Post Types

Initially, we thought of three ways group members could interact with the blog.

      • Sharing a resource or article.
      • Write a short article about a relevant topic.

    Now, the group has brainstormed some additional ways group members can interact with the blog, in addition to the three avenues listed above:

      • Write a recap or reflection about the in-person Women and Tech Group Meeting. We could also post any revised meeting notes.
      • Interview or talk to a woman working in tech, but not in the group, about a relevant or pertinent topic
      • Submit a video or audio file about a relevant topic


  • Resources and About Page

It was suggested that it might be useful to have a permanent resource page on the blog, as a way to store all of the helpful conversations and resources about professional development. Not only would this be useful for our group members, but it would also be helpful for the larger field, especially emerging professionals who are navigating this space. Please feel free to submit any resources for this section!

  • Metadata

For ease of use, it would be helpful to establish some metadata standards and tag each blog post accordingly, in order to find them later.

  • Twitter?

We discussed finding other ways to interact with the larger women and tech field. Besides this blog, the Women and Tech Group at Brown does not have any other public-facing web presence. Twitter was suggested as a possible avenue, especially since so many tech professionals use Twitter, and it seems like the most useful media channel to use. We would like to hear any other thoughts on this!

If you have any additional thoughts on this, please feel free to comment on this post, or send me an email. You can take a look at the revised meeting notes (thanks to Gillian for being our notetaker!) here. Lastly, if you are interested in possibly joining the editorial committee, please send me an email! Thanks again to all who participated, your feedback is incredibly valuable.