Hello all!

I wanted to write a brief post outlining some of the exciting new components of the blog, based on the recommendations of the Women and Tech Group Blog Editorial Committee.

  • A Library of Resources: In order to support the professional development of our group members, we want to create a library of relevant resources. Right now, the W&TG has a Reading/Listening/Watching list; in it are a number of articles, Ted Talks, podcasts, and videos that relate to the mission of the W&TG. With your help, we want to expand this list and eventually post a list of the resources, organized by theme, in the Resources page of the blog. If you have a resource related to the group that you want to see in the library, please use this form to submit it.
  • Member Directory: We thought a member directory would be a great way to network and socialize with each other. Please use this form to submit your information to the member directory. Please know that the member directory will be publicly accessible on the blog. We encourage you to include some of your interests, both professional and personal, as well!

Comment below if you have any questions! If you’re interested in joining the W&TG Blog’s editorial committee, please reach out to me at madison_mott1@brown.edu.