Name / Department / Title

Melissa Kane

Instructional Designer, Instructional Technology Group

Computing & Information Services


Briefly describe your role at Brown.

My job here at Brown is different every day.  Mostly, I work collaboratively with faculty to support their technology use in their teaching and learning practices.  Sometimes that means I have a consultation with a faculty member who is looking to plan a course project using technology.  Other times, it means I am engaging in R&D to find the best technology solutions to meet our faculty’s teaching and learning needs.  It’s exciting and keeps me on my toes.


How did you get into technology?

My journey into technology is sort of a meandering one.  I received my undergraduate degree in Communications Studies and Journalism, and while I was in school I spent much of my time working on video production and as a media editor of the school newspaper.  After a short stint as a producer’s assistant at a mid-market ABC-news station, I went back to school and became a secondary English teacher. It was here, really, where I found a love for technology. While some of my friends would teach the same thing in the same way year after year, I was always looking for emerging technologies that I could use with my students to innovate the English curriculum.  I believed in the work I was doing with my students so much that I joined district administration in developing K-12 technology curriculum that aligned ISTE standards with Common Core State Standards for math and English. Ultimately, when my family moved to RI from Upstate NY, I knew I wanted to continue working with technology and education, so my path brought me here to Brown.


What’s one of your favorite websites or apps?

It’s tough to choose just one!  While my go-to app tends to be the Starbucks mobile app, I’ll say that currently, I’m really into Duolingo, which is a free, language app that offers gamified courses in a variety of languages. Right now, I’m brushing up on my French, but I hope to try a few other languages soon.  


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m currently in graduate school, working toward my doctorate in education leadership, so I don’t have much free time.  Whenever there is a school break, though, I spend all my spare time with cooking, photography (landscape and food), and watching movies with my husband.  When I finish my degree, I hope to get back into international traveling.


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