Related Event: SASA Lecture Series Presents a Lecture and Concert by Dr. Allyn Miner

SASA Lecture Series presents Dr. Allyn Miner, a concert performer on the North Indian Sitar. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of South Asia Studies at the University of Pennsylvania where she teaches South Asian music and performing arts.
She will be performing the Sitar accompanied by a Tabla player and will also discuss the history of the Sitar and Sarod, Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu musicological sources, and other Indological topics.
The performance/lecture will also be the inaugural event for the new group, the BROWN RAGAA SOCIETY. The mission of this music appreciation society at Brown is to encourage South Asian music to hold a valued place among the other cultural and artistic establishments at Brown, especially in response to the growing number of musical talents and enthusiasts. The group also hopes to increase awareness of the artistic traditions of South Asia, provide an opportunity for artistic collaboration among students, and contribute to the music department at Brown.
Location: Brown-RISD Hillel, the Beit Midrash, 80 Brown Street.

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Related Event: Palestine in Crisis: What We Can Learn from Gandhi

2010 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative. A social, political, human rights and peace activist, Dr. Barghouti is one of the most active grassroots leaders in Palestine. He is a leading figure in the nonviolent struggle against the ongoing Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian Territories. A medical doctor, Mustafa Barghouti helped found the Palestinian Medical Relief Society in 1979 and currently serves as its president. Dr. Barghouti was also one of the founders of the Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute, a think tank representing an alliance of 90 Palestinian community organizations.
In January 2005, Dr. Barghouti was a candidate for the presidency of the Palestinian National Authority. Running for president on an anti-corruption and pro-democracy platform, he finished second to Mahmoud Abbas, with 19% of the vote.
In February 2010, Dr. Barghouti was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Co-founder of the Peace People (Northern Ireland). Dr. Barghouti was described as having the Gandhian spirit. His nomination for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize was endorsed because of Dr. Barghouti’s commitment to nonviolence, campaign for the development of Palestinian civil society and grassroots democracy, outspoken advocacy for internal reform, and role as international spokesperson for the Palestinian cause.
Hosted by Brown Students for Justice in Palestine. Co-sponsored by the Middle East Studies Program.
Location: Barus and Holley, Room 168, 182 Hope Street.

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At MIT: Shuja Nawaz on “The Failed Civil-Military Relationship in Pakistan”

Shuja Nawaz was made the first Director of the South Asia Center at The Atlantic Council think tank in January 2009. He is a native of Pakistan, and is a political and strategic analyst who writes for leading newspapers and The Huffington Post, and speaks on current topics before civic groups, at think tanks, and on radio and television. He will present “The Failed Civil-Military Relationship in Pakistan” as part of the South Asian Politics seminar series.
Nawaz has worked with RAND, the United States Institute of Peace, The Center for Strategic and International Studies, The Atlantic Council, and other leading think tanks on projects dealing with Pakistan and the Middle East. He has also briefed senior European and US civil and military officials on Afghanistan and Pakistan and testified before both houses of the US Congress.
He was a newscaster and producer for Pakistan Television and covered the 1971 war with India on the Western Front. He has worked for the World Health Organization and has headed three separate divisions at the International Monetary Fund. He was also a Director at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. Mr. Nawaz was the Managing Editor and then Editor of Finance & Development, the multilingual quarterly of the IMF and the World Bank, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of the World Bank Research Observer.
His latest book is Crossed Swords: Pakistan, its Army, and the Wars Within (Oxford University Press 2008). He is also the author of FATA: A Most Dangerous Place (CSIS, Washington DC January 2009).
Location: MIT Center for International Studies, Lucian Pye Conference Room (E40-496), 1 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA.

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Prof. Varshney Presents “Understanding North-South Economic Divergence in India”

Professor of Political Science Ashutosh Varshney will present “Two Banks of the Same River? Understanding North-South Economic Divergence in India” as part of the Brown Faculty India Presentations series.
Ashutosh Varshney joined Brown faculty in January 2009. Previously, he taught at Harvard (1989-98) and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2001-2008). He was the 2008 winner of the Guggenheim fellowship and the Carnegie Scholar awards.
His Ethnic Conflict and Civic Life: Hindus and Muslims in India (Yale, 2002) won the Gregory Luebbert Prize of the American Political Science Association. Democracy, Development and the Countryside: Urban-Rural Struggles in India (Cambridge 1995), in its PhD dissertation form, won the Daniel Lerner Prize at MIT.
His research and teaching cover three areas: Ethnicity and Nationalism; Political Economy of Development; and South Asian Politics and Political Economy. His academic papers have appeared in World Politics, Perspectives on Politics, Comparative Politics, Daedalus, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Asian Studies, Journal of Democracy, Journal of East Asian Studies, and Foreign Affairs. In addition to professional journals, he also contributes guest columns to newspapers and magazines.
He is currently working on a multi-country project on cities and ethnic conflict, and on the rising North-South economic divergence in India.
He served on the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s Millennium Task Force on Poverty (2002-5). He has also served as an adviser to the World Bank, UNDP and the Club of Madrid.
Location: Watson Institute for International Studies, Joukowsky Forum, 111 Thayer Street.

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Dinesh D’Souza: “Is God the Problem?

New York Times best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza will speak about the importance of religion in a lecture titled “Is God the Problem?”. He will address the critiques of organized religion and present faith in God as a laudable trait. D’Souza’s most recent books include Life after Death: The Evidence and What’s so Great about Christianity?. D’Souza’s upbringing in Mumbai, India, before attending secondary school in the United States, largely shaped his current spiritual outlook.
Presented by the Brown Republicans, with co-sponsorship by Young America’s Foundation, Foundation for Intellectual Diversity, Year of India, and Office of Institutional Diversity.
Location: MacMillan Hall 117, Starr Auditorium, 167 Thayer Street.

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Related Event: Journey from Zanskar Film Screening

The Contemplatives Studies Initiative presents a special screening of the new documentary, Journey from Zanskar, with acclaimed independent filmmaker Frederick Marx (of Hoop Dreams).
The film chronicles a chronicles the work of a Buddhist monk who, at the urge of the Dalai Lama, returns to his home in the impoverished Zanskar region of Northern India to bring a group of children to opportunities for education and a brighter future in Dharmasala. The trailer for the film can be found here.
The event will be a fundraiser to assist Mr. Marx in completing the project. After the film there will be a question and answer period with the filmmaker.
General Admission is $10, Brown and RISD $5. Tickets will be sold at the door.
Location: List Art Center, Room 120, 64 College Street.

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Related Event: SASA Lecture Series with Dr. Michael Meister

Dr. Michael Meister is a professor in the Department of the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania, and is a specialist of South Asian archaeology and anthropology. He will deliver a lecture on Indo-Pakistan art forms, including a special focus on some recently discovered temples in the region.
Presented by the South Asian Students Association.
Location: Smith-Buannano 201, 95 Cushing Street.

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Off-Campus Event: Veena Concert by Durga Krishnan

Graduate of the Carnatic Music College of Madras, India, Durga Krishnan holds the degree “Sangeetha Vidwan” – Scholar of Music. She is also one of the primary disciples of the legendary veena player, the late Dr. Chittibabu. Apart from being a very popular performer, she is also a highly skilled composer. She trains the students in Veena and vocal music and works on fusion music collaborating with Western classical violinists and Jazz artists. She will be accompanied on Mridangam by Gaurishankar.
Presented by the Vedanta Society of Providence. More information at 401-421-3960 or
Location: Vedanta Society of Providence, 227 Angell St. Providence, RI 02906.

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The Jews of India: A Conversation with Romiel Daniel

Romiel Daniel will lead a discussion of Jewish life in India. He will walk the audience through a short video of Indian Jewish ceremonies and lead a singing session of Ashkenazi and Indian melodies.
Romiel Daniel was the President of the Magen Abraham Synagogue, Ahmedabad, India from 1986-1990, where he conducted Jewish Education Classes and other religious festivals for the community in Ahmedabad including Purim/Passover Seders and Hanukkah. He conducted the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services at the Village Temple in New York from 1995-2010 in the Bene Israel tradition for the Indian Jews in America. He is the President of the Rego Park Jewish Center, President of the Minyan Club and President of The Indian Jewish Congregation of USA.
Mr. Daniel also has been written up in the New York Times, Daily News, Jewish Week, Newsday, Jewish Press, Forward, Jewish Voice, Queens Tribune, Chronicle, Courier and several other newspapers. He has released one audiocassette and one CD to preserve the liturgy and the Bene Israel melodies of Yom Kippur, Selichoth and the Sabbath. Mr. Daniel is a full-fledged Cantor having studied Ashkenazi Cantorial music at Yeshiva University under Cantor Joseph Malovany, Cantor Sherwood Goffin and Cantor Bernard Beer. In addition, he is the Director-Global Imports for a large apparel firm. He has a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Brandeis University.
Sponsored by Brown RISD Hillel and the Year of India.
Location: Brown RISD Hillel, 80 Brown Street.

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Related Event: Anil Bhatti on “Germany’s Ambivalent Orientalism”

Anil Bhatti, professor emeritus of German Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, will lecture on “Transferring India: August Wilhelm Schlegel and Germany’s Ambivalent Orientalism.”
Sponsored by the Department of German Studies.
Location: Maddock Alumni Center, 38 Brown Street.

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